Crisp Yoga is a platform designed to accomplish three things:
1. Create an accessible entry point for anyone new to yoga
2. Link new yoga teachers with new yoga students
3. Educate newcomers and veterans about the simple life changing benefits of yoga

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  • Experience the secret to enhanced mental clarity and creativity leveraged by the worlds top performers.
  • Leverage it to create a roadmap for overcoming the biggest challenges faced in growing your business.
  • Train to make it accessible whenever you need it.

    The Crisp Flow Offsite

Sales & Marketing Consulting

Chris works with asset management analytics solution providers and data delivery platforms to enhance sales & marketing workflows, amplify sales pipelines, and create opportunities for businesses to scale faster.

Launch22 is a charity incubator aimed at helping start-ups and entrepreneurs get off the ground. The incubator offers an affordable fully serviced work space deep in the traditionally expensive heart of central London, a scholarship programme, and free access to mentors.  Chris acts as a sales & marketing specialist mentor within the space.