The Other Side of Fear

Cote 2000 Megeve

That moment when I am simultaneously shitting myself and wishing my skis could be magically transformed into a snowboard. If that were the case I’d be grinning and excited, but instead I feel fear and apprehension at the steep run ahead.

That’s the thing about commitment: getting on that chairlift knowing only red and black runs lie ahead. But I knew that before I got on the lift, and I knew I’d be scared, and I knew I might fall, and that it could hurt.

But I also knew I had to overcome that fear.

Because on the other side of that fear is something powerful. When I push through it, breathe deep, focus, and push the boundaries of my perceived skill – I am immediately transported into flow state – and that is a beautiful thing.

Not less than an hour later I was jumping off the chairlift, hammering over the top of that lip at speed, grinning from ear to ear, loving it.

We stand at the precipice knowing that great things may lie beyond, but those things are unknown and scary, and so we hesitate for a moment, a day, a lifetime.

What is that hesitation costing us? What experience, joy, or wonder might we be missing?

Sometimes that first step, or in my case carve, is all we need to get us going.