Flow State: Leverage enhanced states of consciousness to solve the worlds toughest challenges

Photo Credit: Gian-Reto Tarnutzer via  Unsplash .

Photo Credit: Gian-Reto Tarnutzer via Unsplash.

If we want to solve the worlds largest challenges we're going to have to think big.

And it's not just what we think about and how we think about it, it is how we leverage our collective human minds that matters most.

I'm not talking about community, I'm talking about neurochemistry.

The secret to the world's out-performers is out - it is an enhanced state of consciousness delivering exponential gains in brainpower, creativity, and problem solving ability: flow state.

Photo Credit: Michael Fertig via  Unsplash

Photo Credit: Michael Fertig via Unsplash

There are ways to hack it with adventure sports or situations where life is at risk, ways to trigger it with chemicals and some other sophisticated devices currently being tested, and ways to get there with music, yoga, or meditation. When in this state of mind we are capable of far more than average - and what's better is that the effect lingers for 24-48 hours meaning we can tap into higher levels of creativity after the fact.

If hacking flow state leads to greater productivity and creativity, then we should be locating the creation centres of the worlds greatest minds in places where this can be done. We should also be providing them with the state of the art in nutrition, sleep, meditation, and coaching. Once there we set them to the task of solving some of the worlds greatest challenges. 


It's a gorgeous yoga studio and meditation space, combined with a delicious high nutrition cafe, chill out areas, play spaces, and working environments tuned to amplify productivity.  

Add in all the greatest tools and resources that incubators like Techstars provide it's startups - but then place it next to adventure sports locations: Tarifa for the kitesurfers, Tignes for the skiers and snowboarders, Maui for the surfers.

In short it is WeWork, Planet Organic, a W Hotel, a state of the art fitness and yoga space with floor to ceiling windows overlooking epic natural environments, and a team of mentors and coaches that would make Y Combinator jealous - trailside at your favourite ski resort.

Hack flow, then co-create
Hack flow, then build solutions to the worlds most epic challenges