Post Without a Title

That moment.

When the mind is most challenged to find the words. 

When that beautiful flow appearing seemingly effortlessly refuses to step up. 

What then, do I do? Where can I begin. 


I write about that challenge, and the words begin to flow, it's happening right now, and somehow along the way I may just arrive at something meaningful, or perhaps not, does it really matter anyway?

Maybe someone will read this and have a giggle, think I'm stupid, another wasteful blogger posting into the ether... or maybe they'll relate, crack a smile, and feel that they are not alone in their challenged mind. 

Perhaps they'll remember that we are all together in our challenged minds - and we must find a way to move forward despite this - and the only way to do this is simply to begin: take that first step, write that first word, shift the seat and stand up, roll out the mat; or simply roll over, sit up, switch off the phone, get out of bed, pull back the curtains, open the window and breathe the fresh air of a new day.

We never truly know where we will end up, but it doesn't really matter anyhow, it's what we do, who we see, what we feel, what we experience, and how we interact with others along the way that matters most. 


P.S. I believe that success comes at the intersection of passion and value, and that a strong mind and a clean body are pillars of that success. My goal is to empower entrepreneurs to combine flow state training with adventure sports and yoga as a platform for enhanced performance and creativity in business and in life.

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