A short list of some of awesome people and organisations I work with or who simply inspire me with the great work they do.

Based in London, I am a freelance investment writer, with over 15 years' experience within the financial industry. 

My clients include investment banks, wealth managers, financial publications, and start-ups across the UK, Europe, the US and Australia.

Jim works with a variety of businesses and individuals, not as a consultant, but as an accountable member of the team, covering a number of speccialst areas: Sales and Marketing, Strategy, Innovation, Cultural Change Management, Operational Problem Solving, FundingNon-Executive Director.

Luke Davies and Sandler Training provides on-going Sales Training, Business Development, Leadership and Management Development for businesses the world over. We work with the sales teams of multi-national businesses to one-bands and enable them to increase their Sales Performance and bottom line. As a result these sales teams become trusted advisors to both their prospects and clients. 

Bella Zanesco - Fully Expressed

Bella Zanesco - Fully Expressed

Bella Zanesco is a creative connoisseur of health, high performance and full self-expression. She inspires action and walks her talk, whether it be from the stage, in her book Smart Girls Screw Up Too, on national TV, or as the go-to advisor for executives in life or career transition.  Bella's no-nonsense approach backed by the Global Wellbeing Women's Report she founded gives people the tools and confidence they need to become Fully Expressed leaders in their own lives, celebrate their ‘Screw Ups’, bring their ‘A-game’ to work and exceed their potential.


Vested is a new communications agency for a new financial industry. At Vested we mix two shots of deep marketing, PR and communications industry experience with a swig of combustible creativity, throw in a dash of smart data and pour the whole thing over a global ecosystem, to deliver potent and refreshing outcomes for our clients.

We don’t sell PR. We sell impact.
We’re the creative, fast-moving, goal-oriented agency you always wanted but never found.
If gutsy, disruptive storytelling is the game-changer needed to 10X your fortunes, call us.


Jennifer Wirth helps transform the fortunes of brands big and small, from start ups and small businesses, to blue chip corporates through the power of communication that stands out. Through understanding your customers' most potent needs and desires and aligning this with your brand's most compelling point of difference and leverage this strength to grow businesses' sales and share faster and more effectively.