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Not so in love with sales performance?


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It doesn't have to be that way.

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i can help you unlock performance...


Build sales teams that outpeRform

Create a sales team from zero to fully ramped up.

I source, hire, on-board, and handover. This includes background personality analysis and cultural fit as well as skills alignment to ensure future success of the team.


designed for consistency and transparency

Design sales workflow and pipeline strategies that not only deliver results, but provide transparency into how the results are being delivered.

Working directly with founders and product leads I co-create the content, prospect approach, and pipeline process required to optimize growth. This includes integrated key performance indicators (KPIs) which motivate through alignment of individual and top line business goals.


supported by on and off-line marketing

The most effective outbound sales strategy is one that is fully aligned with and supported by the business' marketing approach.

Working closely with founders, product leads, internal and external thought leaders, and industry experts I ensure marketing language matches sales language and develop content strategies, inbound marketing workflows, and off-line activities to support the efforts of outbound sales teams.


2iQ is the leading insider transaction data provider with a global coverage of over 60,000 stocks. Clients range from top hedge funds to quantitative portfolio managers and asset managers.


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ClauseMatch is a regulatory change management workflow tool used by top tier global financial institutions to efficiently manage regulatory requirements.


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The new standard of the ticket industry, a universal blockchain platform for ticket systems.